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Dr.K.Uma Clinic
25-03-15Token No: 0
  Booked by: T.Jayanthi
Aysha Hospitals Pvt Ltd.,
19-03-15Token No: 0
  Booked by: kamatchi
13-03-15Token No: 0
  Booked by: viswanathan
Skin & Eye Clinic
12-03-15Token No: 0
  Booked by: m.bennet christopher
Skin & Eye Clinic
10-03-15Token No: 0
  Booked by: Ramanathan
Kumaran Hospitals (p) ltd.
09-03-15Token No: 0
  Booked by: Kala
Skin & Eye Clinic
07-03-15Token No: 0
  Booked by: vaishnavi
Skin & Eye Clinic
28-02-15Token No: 0
  Booked by: sumathi
Skin & Eye Clinic
25-02-15Token No: 0
  Booked by: srinivasa rao
Skin & Eye Clinic
25-02-15Token No: 0
  Booked by: srinivasa rao




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Healthcare Informative Center - List of Activities

Doctor Support is an Healthcare Informative Center with a crew of specially trained executives in the field of Healthcare, to help the public with the following essential services:

1. Health related telephonic clarifications and suggestions.

We help you by clarifying your doubts regarding your Health related queries, to understand about the nature of your problems and to decide the right Doctor at right time or to decide when to visit the doctor. Our well trained professional team will clarify your doubts and assist you with right suggestions.

2. Recommending Specialty Doctor.

There are several critical parts in our human body, only specialty doctor knows better about it, for example Gastroentrology specialist is having more knowledge about digestive problems and solutions. All of us now know that visiting a specialty doctor will cure the problem at the earliest. But the complexity in it is, how to decide the right specialty doctor for particular symptom.
Don't worry, our well trained team will help you to decide the right specialist. We will ask you the symptom in your body followed by a sequence of related questions to identify the accurate problem and recommend you the specialist.

3. Getting Prior Appointment to visit Specialty Doctors.

Search online for the speciality doctor or hospital.
Call our representative at the call center to locate speciality doctor.
Book appointment and get the appointment along with the tentative timings.

Stay calm at home or continue works in the office, until your appointment time.
Visit the doctor on-time and take treatment in less than 10 minutes.

Return home/office happily by saving your time, energy and money.

4. Yoga - Importance and Benefits

Prevention is better than cure. One of the ancient way of preventing diseases and live a happy healthy life is "Yoga". Yoga is an incredible art, which is having the power to maintain one's health in sound condition and to cure any diseases. There are special yoga positions for different kind of diseases. We provide all the vital information regarding yoga, its benefits and cures.

5. Assistance for Medical Tourism.

"I don't know that hospital", "How can I reach there?", "Will you come with me?" are frequent questions raised within the family members, when it comes to visit the hospital. How many of them are ready to take the needed people to the hospital leaving their busy schedule. But it is not a problem now.
People from anywhere in local or rural areas may lack information about reaching the hospital. We help such person to visit the hospital and return home safe.

6. Web portal Service (

Our web portal provides the following benefits for the public:
- Search & Find the information about Doctors and Hospitals.
- Identify the list of doctors in the city for a particular Specialty.
- Know the facilities available in the Hospital.
- Know the Google route map of a selected hospital.
- Provision to express your experiences while taking treatment in the hospital either positively or negatively.
- Locate the hospitals which provides Cashless treatment for their MediClaim Policy. For example, if you have TTK Healthcare Card, you can easily find the hospitals in your city which accepts TTK Healthcare card.
- Frequent updates about the recent developments, diseases, causes, precautions to be taken, remedies etc. through  our blog portal which is purely maintained by high quality healthcare experts and references from authoritative resources.
- Job postings will help a person who is looking for health related jobs, to get it easily.
- Online appointment booking.
- Get SMS appointment confirmation.
- Ask our Doctor session to post your queries and get authoritative answer within 24 hours.
- Posting articles and win Prize.

7. Health Insurance Policy Products Promotion.

We help you even more convenient by taking Care of your medical treatment bills and expenses during your stay at the hospital.

8. Hospital Equipments Sales.

Hospital will be assisted according to their requirements of Equipments. The needed equipments will be supplied to provide a world class treatment in our India. To avoid the inconvenience for the patients to go for a treatment in foreign countries.

9.Web portal Advertisements for Hospitals, Pharmaceutical companies and General Insurance companies.

The public who run healthcare related business (Hospitals, Pharceutical companies, Labs etc.) can post their advertisements in our web site to have maximum reachability to the health conscious public. Because, the people who visits our website are only the people who are seeking for health related information.

10. Health Related Newsletters.

Healthy food which is very much required to your body and Health care news for your day to day life, Health tips for you to maintain your body. Sexual Education which can bring an awareness to the public, and beauty related journals will be published in our web portal as well as delivered through your registered newsletter.



Specialist Cashless Cards(TPAs) Features

Recently enrolled Hospitals

Columbus Hospital Hyderabad, Andra Pradesh Maximus Medical Centre Chennai, Tamilnadu Evident Dentel Health Care Clinic Chennai, Tamilnadu
Heart Line Health Care Services Chennai, Tamilnadu Dr Sabherwal Dental & Orthodontic Centre New Delhi, Delhi Niramay Hospital Dhule, Maharastra
International Indust Research Institute New Delhi, Delhi Om Bhikshu Medical Centre Delhi, Delhi Shri Jagannath Cancer Hospital Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh
SIMS Pvt. Ltd. Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh Hande Hospital (Dr Rajeev Durai) Chennai, Tamilnadu Prakash Hospital & Research Foundation U.S. Nagar, Uttaranchal
Aster DM Healthcare Limited Cochin, Kerala Dr Grace Superspeciality Homoeo Clinic Bangalore, Karnataka Liss Dental And Health Bangalore, Karnataka
Dr Mehta Multispeciality Hospitals Chennai, Tamilnadu AVM Medical, ENT Research Foundation ( P ) Ltd. Chennai, Tamilnadu Radiant Health Care Pvt Ltd Bangalore, Karnataka
Samvaad Speech and Language Rehabilitation Centre Bangalore, Karnataka Seven Seas BPO Services Pvt. Ltd. Ernakulam, Kerala Rahyals Med India Pvt Ltd. Chennai, Tamilnadu
Hi Tech Diagnostic Centre Chennai, Tamilnadu Bitulmal Hasanapuram Chennai, Tamilnadu Mahavir Vaatsalya Aspatal Patna, Bihar

Recently enrolled Doctors

Dr.Prasanna D.Ch.,D.N.P, M.N.A.M.s.,
Chennai, Tamilnadu
Dr.AruMozhiMaran M.B.B.S.,D.Ortho.,M.S.,
Chennai, Tamilnadu
Dr.Dr. N. Balakrishnan MD. MD.
Chennai, Tamilnadu
Dr.Dr. P.N. Prabhakaran
Chennai, Tamilnadu
Dr.Bhasi Sukumaran Ph.D
Chennai, Tamilnadu
Dr.Bhasi Sukumaran Ph.D
Chennai, Tamilnadu
Dr.Shalini.N M.B.B.S.,D.P.M.,Ph.D.,FIPS
Chennai, Tamilnadu
Dr.Sumathi M.B.B.S.,
Chennai, Tamilnadu
Chennai, Tamilnadu
Dr.Sunand.G.Loya, B.H.M.S.M.D
Nanded, Maharastra
Dr.falgun Shah B.D.S., F.I.W.I.(USA)
Mumbai, Maharastra
Dr.Hiren Mehta M.B.B.S., D.O.M.S.
Mumbai, Maharastra
Dr.Renu Patel M.D.(Pediatrics)., B.Ch.
Mumbai, Maharastra
Dr.Dhawal Patel M.S., D.Ortho
Mumbai, Maharastra
Dr.Hetal Pathak M.D.,
Mumbai, Maharastra
Dr.Chetan Mehta M.B.B.S.,D.V.D.,(Mum)
Mumbai, Maharastra
Dr.Ramakant B.P.T.,
Navi Mumbai, Maharastra
Dr.Sandeep Mestri M.B.B.S.,M.D.,
Navi Mumbai, Maharastra
Dr.Dhawal Shah M.B.B.S.,M.S.,
Navi Mumbai, Maharastra
Dr.Amit Upasham M.B.B.S.,M.D. (Psychiatry), DPM.,
Navi Mumbai, Maharastra
Dr.Madhushree Venkat M.B.B.S.,M.D. (Gynae), D.G.O.,
Navi Mumbai, Maharastra
Dr.Sameer R. Dumir M.B.B.S.,M.D.(MOS),F.C.C.P.,
Navi Mumbai, Maharastra
Dr.Subash Diware M.B.B.S.,
Navi Mumbai, Maharastra
Dr.Bhonsle M.D. (Pathology)
Navi Mumbai, Maharastra

Recent Hospital Jobs

DateJob TitleLocationHospitalLast DateMore Info.
26/03 Sonologist Bangalore Koshys Hospital ASAP Apply Now
26/03 CMO, & Duty Doctors Bangalore Koshys Hospital ASAP Apply Now
26/03 Pharmacists Bangalore Jayadeva Hospital ASAP Apply Now
26/03 Cathlab Technician Bangalore BANGALORE BAPTIST HOSPITAL ASAP Apply Now
26/03 Staff Nurses Bangalore BANGALORE BAPTIST HOSPITAL ASAP Apply Now
26/03 Lab Technicians - For Home Collection with own vehicle Bangalore BANGALORE BAPTIST HOSPITAL ASAP Apply Now
26/03 Guest Relations Executive (F) Bangalore BANGALORE BAPTIST HOSPITAL ASAP Apply Now
26/03 Pharmacists Bangalore BANGALORE BAPTIST HOSPITAL ASAP Apply Now
26/03 Admission / Discharge Manager Bangalore BANGALORE BAPTIST HOSPITAL ASAP Apply Now
26/03 Surgery / Neurology Bangalore BANGALORE BAPTIST HOSPITAL ASAP Apply Now
26/03 Emergency Medicine Bangalore BANGALORE BAPTIST HOSPITAL ASAP Apply Now
26/03 Senior Surgical Pathologist Mumbai Saifee Hospital ASAP Apply Now
26/03 BNYS Doctor Bangalore Respicare India ASAP Apply Now
26/03 BHMS Doctors Bangalore Respicare India ASAP Apply Now
26/03 BAMS Doctor Bangalore Respicare India ASAP Apply Now
26/03 MBBS Doctor Bangalore Respicare India ASAP Apply Now
26/03 Marketing personnel Hyderabad Columbus Hospital ASAP Apply Now
26/03 Nurses Hyderabad Columbus Hospital ASAP Apply Now
26/03 DMO Hyderabad Columbus Hospital ASAP Apply Now
26/03 Psychiatrist Hyderabad Columbus Hospital ASAP Apply Now
26/03 Lady Pharmachist Bangalore Ramakrishna Hospital Pvt. Ltd. ASAP Apply Now
26/03 Lady Customer Support Executive Bangalore Ramakrishna Hospital Pvt. Ltd. ASAP Apply Now
25/03 Lab Technicians Chennai Maximus Medical Centre ASAP Apply Now
25/03 Specialists Chennai Maximus Medical Centre ASAP Apply Now
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